Jengo Consulting and Projects was founded in 2011 on the premise of commitment and passion for the built environment. Since its beginning it has evolved and grown with a steady client base and mutually beneficial partnerships with competent contractors which contributed to the successful delivery of residential and commercial projects. Jengo has been and is commited to delivering projects of a high quality and contributing to the community at large through continous improvement and delivery of a high-quality service.

Today, Jengo is a construction company offering project management and construction delivery services in the residential and commercial sectors. The company's success to date is a testament to its dedicated leadership, passion for the industry and commitment to delivering a quality service for clients. We deliver projects under all forms of contract, of all sizes and across the full spectrum of fit out services, from Category A and Category B to refurbishment.

We have the breadth of capability, depth of experience and stability necessary to provide a solid and reliable foundation for all that we do.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to grow and develop the company into a contender in the local residential and commercial markets; with a view of establishing Jengo as a participant in the economy through wealth generation and a contributor to the development of the construction industry.

Company Values

Once in the design process, we must go deeper in your project┬┤s foundation, we need to arrive to the essence, the roots in order to understand the future product totally. With many different tools we approach to our customers the best solutions to know their targets, their audiences and planning from the very first stage each movement to swim the whole team into the same pool.

Company Governance

Transparent and accountable governance safeguards the health and sustainability of Jengo. Management as a collective is responsible for the direction, guidance and oversight of the company and its operations. Management is made of individuals with the capability, competency, expertise and skills to steer the company towards growth, development and the achievement of the vision and mission. From the leadership of Jengo and down to the managers, everyone is involved in developing and maintaining business interests, client relationships, delivery and community engagement.

Management is committed to providing the best quality service in a safe and sustainable manner across all our projects. We are committed to a transparent approach which enables all stakeholders to communicate openly and honestly with us thus ensuring continuous improvement.

Jengo Consulting and Projects is a 100% BBBEE with a 51% woman owned business. Both owners/founders of the business are from the construction background with 26 years combined experience.
Nelisiwe Bekebu

Mrs Nelisiwe Bekebu is a BTech Construction Management Graduate at the Univeristy of Johannesburg and has worked for companies such as WBHO, AVENG and MACE GROUP. This is where she acquired her knowledge and experience. She heads the Project Management of the business

Siyakha Bekebu

Mr Siyakha Bekebu is a NDip Building Graduate at the Tshwane University of Technology and has worked for companies such as WBHO and GROUP 5. This is where he attained his experience and full understanding of the life cycle of projects delivery. He heads the Building Construction part of the business.

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